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Bottle Collection Schedule

Complete schedule can be found by clicking here. 

Bottle pick-up instructions

Oct 1 Oct 7 Kenneth Fay 
Oct 8 Oct 14Kenneth Fay
Oct 15Oct 21Austin Bailey
Oct 22Oct 28 Mason Meredith 
Oct 29  Nov 4Edward Bailey
Nov 5   Nov 11Sam Radez
Nov 12 Nov 18 Dillon Schneider
Nov 19 Nov 25Alex Regan
Nov 26   Dec 2Sam Radez
Dec 3 Dec 9Mason Meredith
Dec 10 Dec 16Madison Landry
Dec 17 Dec 23Kenneth Fay
Dec 24Dec 30Austin Bailey
Dec 31Jan 6 Edward Bailey

Bottle Pickup Instructions - Please read carefully

When you look at the schedule, you'll see a column listing dates for each bottle week (which runs MONDAY thru SUNDAY). 

The Scout listed is in charge of collecting bottles from our two bottle box locations: 

The first location is at MARIO'S – the box is located next to the PROPANE TANK 

The second location is at the NIVERVILLE DELI – the box is located next to the store entrance. This store is located on Lake Road, which is the small loop off of County Route 28 near the Kinderhook Lake Outlet bridge.

Here's what you need to do: 

Look at the schedule NOW – if you are assigned a week that you are unable to cover, please call one of the other Scouts and arrange to switch weeks with him. Then send an email to TYLER BLEU with a copy to Scoutmaster Rich Slovak and the Troop Webmaster email so we can update the website, Weekly News and keep everyone on the same page. 

Watch the Weekly News and listen for a call from TYLER B (Our bottle coordinator) to remind you when your week is (and in case of any changes). 

During your assigned week, go to both locations. Collect all the bottles from the boxes, remove and dispose of any trash/non deposit bottles/etc. (You can take any amount at any time, but you need to make sure that the boxes never reach a point where the bottles are accumulating outside of them, and by the last day of the week the boxes should be totally empty). 

Take the bottles back (your choice of location – see additional note below), redeem them and get the cash for them. 

Bottles may be taken to 6 Cents in the Hannaford Plaza in East Greenbush.   You can drop off bottles in bags – they will count them.  You will need to return to get the money. BEFORE dropping them off, make sure that they are clean and that any trash, broken bottles, etc. has been removed. We have large clear plastic bags at the church you can use to repack the bottles – grab some at any meeting. ALSO – Make sure that at least one bag (you can do all if you wish) is labeled with your name and Troop 114 – there are several groups using this service and it keeps things from getting mixed up. 

While you are picking up the bottles, please note any problems with the boxes and report them to one of the adult leaders so that they can be corrected quickly. 

Place the money in an envelope and LABEL IT AS FOLLOWS: Your NAME, the week you collected (from xx/xx/xx to yy/yy/yy), the DOLLAR AMOUNT and the LOCATION NAME (Mario's or Niverville is fine). 

SEAL the envelope and turn it in to TYLER B at the next troop meeting (or you can drop it to him – just make arrangements with him on a good time for both of you). 

If you find that you are overwhelmed by the number of bottles (> $70) then please call Tyler on or before Friday so that he may try to get you some help. Thank you for being trustworthy and doing your duty to the troop – remember that this money coming in consistently is what keeps us running and helps to pay the costs for many of our activities. 

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